Friday, June 17, 2011

June 13

On Tuesday we were supposed to have a consult with Amaey's main doctor. So early in the morning Amaey wanted to shower and eat his breakfast and be ready. He had a whole speech ready for the doctors, reasons why they should send him home.
So he decided to act it out and be prepared. He asked me to be the doctor and he was - Amaey. It was really funny but he was prepared.
finally when the doctors did show up he was tongue tied. Once he was prompted he was on a roll.
1) I have not had a fever since I got here. I'm fine and bored.
2) My cultures are negative
3) There is construction starting in the hospital which means I can't leave my room at all. I will be better off at my house and more happy too.

The doctors agreed to all his points but insisted that for an AML patient they really do not advise to leave the hospital until the counts are up.
Amaey promised that at the slightest sight of fever or problems he will work with us and come to the hospital. They made his do a pinky promise and told us that this was our one and only escape from the hospital pass. Next time we will not be able to leave until they think he can. We greed to all of that and finally at 6:30 after all the meds and paperwork was complete we came home.

It was really nice because my sister was leaving for Florida and she got to spend a few hours with Amaey before leaving.

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