Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No news

No news yet on the results. We did go in for our meeting but the MRD results were not back from St. Judes. We did start talking about all the options that lay ahead for us incase Amaey is not in remission. It was not a fun conversation because there were lots of ifs and buts and in the end we decided to wait for the results. They will have the results tomorrow and we do have an appointment with Radiation so we are hoping to get to know more.


Mona said...


Our best wishes are with you. We are thinking about you all.

renata said...

as always, thinking of you and sending my best vibes. hope you are having a chance to enjoy the beautiful day and that you will all get some good restful and inspiring sleep tonite. :)

Mary Claire said...

Today is the 1st and it's a beautiful day, I hope that this matches some beautiful news for Amaey and you Purvi, for all of you. In our hearts we are all with you and hope and pray there is now a light and direction...Love, M.C.