Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vampire strikes

We came in to the day hospital at 8am this morning. This was a scheduled transfusion. We did not want Amaey to get both platelets and blood on the same day. If that is what caused a fever last time it wasn't worth putting him through it again.

The hospital complied and let us divide the transfusions. Amaey is benadryled out and sleeping. They are watching his blood pressure because it is low and monitoring him for fevers.

Apurva and Arjun are on the plane to LA. They will be attending the Cars 2 premiere. I'm so glad that they could go. We did not book their tkts until yesterday afternoon. It is hard to plan so we don't. If it happens it happens. I was scrambling to find decent clothes for Arjun yesterday. His jacket was small on him and all his shirts felt snug. My friends were all looking into their kids closets to save me a trip to the mall but finally at 7:45 pm we did end up at the mall. Arjun has a style now. I was impressed, this kid knows what he will wear and absolutely not look at. No tie or shirt for me, I will wear a nice design t-shirt with my jacket and jeans. OK, I can live with that. Can we go get a haircut? No, I like it long and I'm going to wear it.... And he shows it to me, but it won't stay that way the whole time because I really don't like all this hair on my forehead. WOW, this child is almost a teenager, when did that happen?
I feel like every time we are busy with Amaey, Arjun regresses or grows, oscillating between independence and his need to be babied at the same time.

Parenting is quite amazing. I catch myself shaking my head when I'm alone, can't believe how much can happen in one lifetime. Who says life is short? I think life is long enough to live many lives, be many people, make many mistakes, find new meaning, and then start all over again.

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