Monday, July 04, 2011

The best B'day

I could not have wished for a better birthday present for me. Amaey was feeling well, he was so happy and engaged. He had the energy to talk and run around and be himself.
Apurva made an amazing breakfast and later we had a picnic lunch in our backyard with fajitas and mango salsa courtesy of chef Apurva. It was so calm and quiet in the yard, it almost felt normal. The four of us by ourselves, not taking about Amaey, listening to the kids chatter, having a normal family conversation, reveling in the beauty of the big trees and the shade that kept us cozy and the amazing lunch that made us all sleepy.
A wonderful nap and then surprise visit from Rita and Sid. Amaey was so happy to see Sid, he hadn't seen him in almost 2 months and that is the longest ever. We always try and get together but with life so busy and our germ radar so amped up we have tried to not have guests over especially kids because germs and infections are the biggest risks for Amaey. Kids are kids, they touch everything, their clothes have been everywhere, and they will not think twice before fist fighting, or arm wrestling with Amaey. So getting to see Sid and play with him was icing on the cake for Amaey's normal day.

Top the day with Pratish, Bharvi, Ashish, and Aditi stopping by and we had the making of a next to normal day.
We did start panicking when everyone started overlapping though. We have tried to limit 1 guest at a time and suddenly we had all these people... I could see Apurva getting very nervous. We were fine if everyone stayed away from Amaey so we all moved to the yard and enjoyed some fun times there. It got really sad when Amey realized that there were so many people outside and that little Adi and Raj uncle were out there playing as well. Amaey loves Adi and he was about to dash out the door to go hug him and we had to pull the plug. It was heartbreaking because Amaey was really sad and started crying. That was a wake-up call that things are not that normal, we can't let our guards down. We have been so careful and it would be such a shame if he caught an infection during his most critical week.

However, it was a beautiful day with love and wishes pouring in from everywhere. It was a happy day and now that it is Monday we are hoping we can stretch the long weekend so that we don't have to deal with what the week has to bring.

The best part was that the four of us were home, happy, and relaxed.


Mona said...

Sounds beuatiful. So fantastic to know you had a great day.

We were thinking about you as well.

Mary Claire said...

Happy Birthday Amaey!! So wonderful a day and so incredibly difficult too. Try to feel the love pouring in. Try to be calm and I will pray that your tests show nothing serious. Gabe had a rash recently that looked scary and it was nothing. I will keep your recovery in my mind at all times. Successful transplant, successful recovery. This will be it.

Love, Mary Claire, Raffi and Gabe

renata said...

happy belated birthday girl!! :)

bhavna said...

Bhavna said..........

Sounds fantastic. Wish we were there to experience it as well. You all were in our thoughts.