Thursday, July 07, 2011

Do you really want to know

Another crazy day at the hospital. Another plan of action. Wow, when will this stop?

Today Amaey had another CT for his sinus and chest and then we went for labs after which was his procedure at 12:30, they finally took him in at 2:30. They took out his port and picc line and placed a new line called hickman, this is what they need before going in for BMT.
They also did a bronchoscopy to flush the spot in his lung. They will do a culture and the results take 7-10 days if there is soethi g brewing. He did not come into the recovery room until 6:00. He is home now, very groggy and slow and in pain from the various procedures but relaxed to be back.

As of today his BMT schedule has changed, he will get admitted tomorrow for some medications and radiation and if he tolerates that well they will let him continue as out patient for the next 2 weeks. Transplant will not take place until they do another CT after 2 weeks and check his lungs again. They need the spot to remain the same or get smaller before they can proceed. They need to rule out a fungal infection. Because that is life threatening after BMT.

So more waiting and uncertainty but some movement to help him with his skin rash and possible lung infection.


Mary Claire said...

Yes, we all do want to know Purvi. We are all focused on those stars aligning. Try to remain strong and steadfast {sigh} How you patient you have had to be! Amaey is so close...he will be well and strong enough to have the transplant. Just a little more time...
Prayers are still coming.

Purvi Shah said...

Yes, there is donor waiting for him and that is not common... That is a clear sign for him we just need to get over this hump, we will, he will. We pray that all of this has a meaning.

Mona Shah said...

Keep positive. You will get through this hurdle as well. We are all praying, the transplant will take place and it will all be fine.

Thinking of you all.