Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 4

Lot more pain today. It's hard for him at night and they had to increase his pain meds dose.
This morning when I came in he was quite blah. A shower helped. However they needed to change his dressing and he does not like that. They also benadryled him for Platelet transfusion so he was out of it. After all that activity he fell asleep so that might help him.

Apurva had a brilliant idea of putting up 1 crane for each day post transplant, by day 100 our room is going to look beautiful.

Arjun has company at home now with my sister Mona her son Akhil and apurva's sister Swati. They went to see cowboy v/s aliens last night and today he has an event at his music school. Someone usually brings him here in the evening but today Amaey did not want anyone to stop by because he finds Arjun too energetic at the moment.

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Mary Claire said...

Oh sweet boy!! difficult.

Raffi makes cranes too. He is just getting back from camping tomorrow. I will ask him to make a crane every day too.