Friday, July 22, 2011

Day -4

This morning was a hustle, amaey wanted butternut squash soup for lunch and informed me about that at 10pm. I was quite tired so i did not feel like going grocery shopping. Hit trader joes at 9am and whipped up the soup while Swati took his breakfast, dropped arjun to planet granite and drove to the hospital.

Last day of radiation (xrt). Apurva took him at 7:30am and I made it here in time for the finale at 11:30. Rudolfo, the xrt tech had another rap ready for Amaey. Once Amaey changed into his gown, put on the harness, stood in the xrt booth, and they placed his lung protector plates, we all left the room.

There is a tv screen where we can see him and a two way transmitter for communication. Rudolfo started his rap and it was so good that he had to do it again. 3 mins were left and then I just chatted with Amaey and we counted down the last 22 seconds.

There is construction at the hospital so we have to wheel him via the courtyard and he really wanted to spend a few minutes outside. So we cheated and stayed out for a bit.

Back in the room he had a sponge bath, ate his lunch and finished reading his last Fablehaven book. He was planning to nap when a volunteer stopped by. Amaey and she did some art, playdoh, and piano. He was so happy and tired when she left. He is napping and has planned to do some spin art when he wakes up.

Amaey woke up a bit sad, he kept asking for Arjun, when is he coming, why is he not hear. I tried to do some sand art with him but he wasn't into it. He is on dexamethasone so he was really hungry and moody. He tried to watch a movie, switched to tv show, back to movie, and then he went and cuddled his bunny in bed. He was just blah.

I was really proud of him though because he tried to get out of his funk and asked me to do some work on the NASA site. When Brian Day from NASA had stopped by he had told Amaey about and, here you can be a citizen scientist, he worked on that a bit and then luckily Arjun was here.... Then I was no longer needed.
Both the boys are playing a new game on the PS3 and after dinner, Arjun gets to go back with Swati and watch captain America. Apurva is taking a break today.

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