Friday, July 22, 2011

Saturday July 16

Amaey's b'day is as such on august 4th but we had a feeling that he might be in the hospital around that time. Since 18th was the deciding day we decided to celebrate his b'day on the 16th.

All he wanted was a BBQ by Apurva, his two buddies- Gabriel and Christopher (we couldn't have invited more kids because of the upcoming hospital stay), a strawberry cake from whole foods and decorations with balloons.
I really wanted artist Morris to work with the boys as a memory of that day. Davina and Maureen handled everything because it was a very last minute party. I decided at 11pm on Friday once Amaey was home from the hospital and safely in bed. I knew he would be home with us the next day.

Morris Came up with an amazing project, 4 puzzle pieces that each kid could create in their own way and then it could all be put together as one. How ingenious is that.
It was really wonderful to see Amaey happy and enjoying himself.

On Sunday we had artist Neta over, she brought a big canvas for the 4 of us as a family to work on. We all painted our own colors to fill up the canvas and then we colored our own images and did some collage. It looked beautiful. Neta is an amazing artist, she is so calm, so artistic, had a lot of positive energy. The two hours we spent as a family creating our masterpiece was super special.

We still have all the decorations up in the house, Arjun won't let us take them down, he says it reminds him of Amaey.

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