Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 3

Over the last 3 days Amaey is holding up well. He is developing mucositis which is something they had warned us about. Mucositis lines the gastrointestinal area so from his mouth, tongue, throat, the food pipe, and the intestines, all get flared up and it makes it very uncomfortable to swallow.

They give the patients a buzzer to manage their own pain. They can press the buzzer and a small dose of pain medicine is released. Right now he is only using it before eating. However, last night he needed it at 4am because his mouth and legs were hurting.

Otherwise, he is in good spirits and enjoying his new toy... slr camera. He has been trigger happy and shooting everyone that walks through the door and everything in his room. I think he will become a good photographer by the time he is out of here.


renata said...

thanks for the update! :)

Mary Claire said...

Hope he can ease out of this new development soon. I am praying he doesn't experience the rollercoaster ride others have had.