Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 0

Amaey had his transplant at 11:30am!!

Apurva and I were in the room along with 2 doctors and 3 nurses.

They drained down every bit of the stem cells. As soon as the stem cells were draining out of the bag the room got really quiet and suddenly Amaey started clapping as he saw the last drop emptying out of the tube and heading towards him and then disappearing inside him. That was a really good ice breaker. The whole room started applauding. In a few minutes though he started getting a headache and then the headache became more painful and his blood pressure went up. The blood pressure kept rising and all of a sudden he was in excruciating pain and started screaming. We tried cold and hot compress, pressing his head, singing to him, chanting in peace but his pain was very high, they got him morphine, still no effect, they got him hi-blood pressure medicine and he threw up. After what seemed like an eternity but lasted 30 mins, and more morphine later, he slowed down and rested.

Swati and Arjun were here and Amaey hugged and kissed Arjun when he was feeling better.

Since 3pm he is doing fine, sitting up and sipping some lemon Ginger tea.

Our O positive child will slowly B positive because the donor is B+ blood type.

Thank you donor for your generosity! We are truly indebted to you young man, whoever you are and wherever you are.

As Amaey and Arjun's Yoda would say, beginning this is just, my young Jedi!


Anonymous said...

Our heartfelt blessings and healing hugs to the little one. I guess sometimes the best things come in small packages. Your little one has mastered the art of living in the present and has a lot to offer the World in the future.

Anonymous said...

God Bless.

Renata said...

As always, I have been thinking of you all and praying for a very good day O today. Hope tomorrow goes smoothly... Big hugs to everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the regular updates Purvi. Yours is an amazing family and Amaey is a true hero. He will definitely win this battle. Our best wishes and love are with him as always. And 'Be Positive' is a good news. Best.
--sunil & renu

Mary Claire said...

Yes, God Bless. Great going Amaey! What strength you have!! Looking forward to everything in Life.
Hugs to you all!!!!

Rita Sharma said...

We will all keep wishing the very best for the strongest little boy on Earth! And the great family around him...