Monday, July 18, 2011

This is it!

Amaey had his CT done this morning and the doctors confirmed that it looked good and have okayed him for his transplant. We have checked into our final destination, the Stem cell unit.
Tomorrow Amaey starts full body radiation starting at 7:30am.
We will know more details soon.

We are scrubbing down everything that comes in this room. We have to wear booties and do a detailed hand scrub before entering the unit.

There is a really nice big window and the sun is pouring in and beaming the entire room with warm light. We will be spending 6-8weeks in here. They gave me a 30day parking pass... This must really be it huh?

This is it.... Wish us luck.


Mona said...

All the best sis, the ray of sunshine says it all. It will all be good. Lots of hugs to you all. Love you all and good luck!!

Anonymous said...

All the best Purvi!! All signs seem very positive!! Amaey will be fully cured - praying for his health - lots of love & hugs to you all.