Monday, July 25, 2011

What is BMT

Bone Marrow transplant day is the most anti-climatic day, so say the doctors and nurses.

The donor marrow has already been harvested and ready to go. On the 26th he will get the marrow through an ivy just like a blood transfusion. It usually lasts 2+ hours based on the body weight.

A lot of activity will go on with doctors and nurses coming in and monitoring him. Everyone will have to start wearing a gown and mask and cover their shoes with booties before entering his room.

At this moment we feel like we are at the edge of the cliff and are about to fall off into the abyss. When you are doing your 2 min scrub before entering the stem cell unit you tend to meet parents from the unit and get some good advice too. From everything we hear it seems like we are in for a hell of a  rollercoaster ride.
Amaey told me tonight that he is nervous and anxious about his transplant. He said the word transplant is very strange. I asked him to tell me more but he just said that it makes him nervous that's all. He is counting days to his transplant. I wonder what else is going in his head. Wonder what he is thinking.


Mary Claire said...

In my meditations I will send Amaey my intentions for peace, calm and healing. Let the Divine that is, guide all to go smoothly, and it will.

with Love, M.C.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Amaey and your family!!