Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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This morning I got a call from a mom I got to know through Kids&Art. Her son participated in the Pixar art workshop. He is an amazing artist and a really good photographer. It was so nice to see him take his own time and work with artist Rinat. Later we stayed in touch. I really wanted to do an exhibit of his photographs. He told me that he would like Kids&Art to get all his work so that we can auction it off.

Just few weeks ago I met him at the hospital and when he found out that Amaey was a BMT candidate he said, from his wheelchair, please let me know if I can do anything for him, talk with him, share, encourage, this was the hardest thing I went through in my life. I was so touched, here is a teenager, so week and feeling sick but so big hearted to help another child going through a journey like his.

This morning I found out that he had passed away in the ICU on Monday. It was hard. It was really hard. I cannot imagine what a parent goes through and I just could not get myself together. His funeral was today at 1:30 and I really wanted to be there. I haven't had the courage to go to any of the funerals thus far. I couldn't look myself in the eye of the parent, but today I had to go and hug her.

When I saw her she said that he was working on a painting of a sunset and then he started a painting of a broken heart... As if he was expressing his feelings. She thanked K&A for getting him started with his art. Just 2 weeks ago he set up his website because the artist Rinat had encouraged him to.

His mom said he was very peaceful and as per his wishes they will take his ashes and spread them over the Colorado mountains since he was from Denver.


davina said...

Hi Purvi - thank you for sharing. I am very sadden to hear this news and my heart goes out to the family. Although I had not had the pleasure of meeting him, I had heard much about him and was hoping to exhibt his work at PCYC. I was actually just speaking about him yesterday to a co-worker.

May his memory be a blessing and always bring happiness to those who have known him.

Mary Claire said...

So many tears over this. Amaey has an amazing angel watching over him to help succeed through this.

with Love, MC

treasurebox said...

Purvi ... I am so sorry. This is so sad and frustrating that another amazing child has lost his battle with leukemia. I continue to pray for the day when leukemia no longer exists. I believe in angels and that Amaey has many angels looking after him. I have prayed to my brother Timothy and asked that he be there for Amaey as he goes through the BMT process. Let me know if you need anything.... Any time... Day or night.

With much love,
Patricia and family

Anonymous said...

Sending love to you, Apurva, Arjun and Amaey today and every day.

Purvi Shah said...
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