Monday, August 01, 2011

Day 4 and 5

Amaey spiked a fever on Day 4 and they had to start him on antibiotics and do cultures. Luckily after tylenol he felt better and did sleep through the night. The next day he was fever free. His mucositis is more inflamed so they had to up his pain medication dose.

He has stopped eating completely. The only thing he can do is drink some tea. He sips on tea throughout the day. However it is getting hard from him to sip.

Swati went back to Detroit and the boys were really sad, they wanted her to stay longer. Akhil stopped by and played Doodle Dice with Amaey and really enjoyed the game. Yesterday Arjun came in with a surprise for him. It was a Nerf Vortex blaster. Amaey was in pain, mouth hurt, could not speak but as soon as Arjun opened his surprise we could get him to sit up and interact. He had so much fun with Arjun and the toy, they did target pratice with cups and had a blast.

Apurva stayed over and said that Amaey did not get a fever and he slept well but was in a lot of pain. 

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