Monday, August 29, 2011

6 weeks

Yes we have been here for 6 weeks today.
Today we did have the most important talk with the docs... When we get discharged!
His WBC is 4.5 today and all the other numbers look stable too. He will keep needing transfusions for a while but that is expected.
This week they need Amaey to drink and eat a little more. They need to wean him off all the ivy meds and move him to oral. They need to make sure he does well with all those changes. Worst case they might send him with some ivy meds that can be administered overnight.
We made our case about letting us go to our house but if that does not fly because of distance we will have to look for an apt in Palo Alto. They usually send families to the Ronald McDonald House but the problem with that is we have to live as a fragmented family for 2 more months. They would not allow siblings to stay there.
The doctors are going to make a case for us at their meeting today so we will know by tomorrow.

The day did not proceed veey well though, Amaey was feeling sick, slow, tired, and in pain. He was very emotional too. He did not get out of his bed until 3pm. Even when his talking doctor came in he stayed in bed and had a conversation with her. Finally at 3pm I forced him out of the bed. I put on my hat as a motivational speaker, had a very long conversation with him. He opened up to what he was feeling so low about, cried, listened, and finally felt a bit relieved. Then the day progressed slow but a bit on the brighter side.
Apurva and Arjun came with dinner but Amaey did not want to play with Arjun or spend time with him. They left by 9 because it is school night.


Renata said...

It was so exciting to read the word "discharge"! Good luck tomorrow!! :)

Mona said...

Yey.... discharge talks that's great. Fingers crossed the doctors will let you go home.

Anonymous said...

Poor kid. I hope his pain subsides soon, he recovers without any incident, and goes on to live a great life, and this experience hard as it is, makes him so much more stronger and wiser as a person!