Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 12-14

Amaey had a good day, slow and sleepy day, and busy day. They are watching all his numbers very carefully. They have to fine tune and try a different combination each day. They need to watch his kidneys and liver. His hemoglobin has stabilized since the last episode so that is one less thing to worry about at the moment.
But best of all... He said he was hungry yesterday and that was music to our ears. I gave him a bite of rice cake and he could swallow it but it felt bitter. He asked for cereal and he ate it with a big smile on his face. Apurva walked in as Amaey was eating and you should have seen the surprise on his face. We were jubilant like new parents watching their infant take his first bite.

Mona has been coming to the hospital with me on my days here and we played darts, UNO, rumikub and that has been a good distraction. But last night he was counting down to when Arjun returns.

It's been 2 weeks since his transplant and 3 weeks since we have been in the hospital. Days are blending in and we forget what happened the previous day because each day holds it's own challenge. We feel like gamblers in Vegas betting on a high roller game. The odds different with each strategy.

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