Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 22

0.7 baby!! and some ANC showing up.

Now comes the worry... we hope there are no leukemia cells in his new marrow. Gosh it's a neverending battle. We do hope the transplant will put an end to it. But we all know how agressive cancer is so we do have to keep a very consistent eye on all is numbers.

However, he has been very slow today. It almost feels like he is bearing the burden of all the work going on inside his body. He said he wanted to be anti-social and not talk with anyone or do anything and that is fine. He did not sleep in the afternoon and read a book instead. When he was done he got out of bed and felt excruciating stinging pain on both ankles and feet. I oil massaged them and the docs came to check it out. No rash or reaction to meds, they think it is side-effects of radiation. They are also watching out for graft versus host and keeping a very close eye on him.

The nurse was explaing to me that they are being over cautious and watching him like a hawk because they don't want the cells to come too soon and take over his body and create a havoc. It needs to be a slow and calculated process. This is when the donor cells are engrafting and the new blood he is making is going towards healing the areas that were hit most.

He has been borderline feverish the whole day and they said he might spike a fever or not. He is also looking puffy but no weight gain so we don't know if he is leaking fluids anywhere.

He is fast asleep and it is only 6:30pm so I don't know if he is done for the day or if he might wake up and suddenly feel like partying in the middle of the night. 

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Mary Claire said...

Oh Purvi! to put feelings into words! I will just pray. This is so difficult.
Amaey's healing is always the first thing on my mind.