Thursday, August 04, 2011

Day 9 on his 9th b'day!

Happy 9th Birthday Amaey!!

He is not up yet but when he woke up to get his vitals done he told me that his mouth did not hurt as much. It was still hard to swallow. He had a good night, no fevers, no pain pump at all.

We hope for a happy day filled with smiles and hopefully a sip of water.

Yes, it did turn out to be a wonderful day. He received lots of cards, phone messages, emails, texts and facetime birthday wishes. And drumroll..... 3 sips of water!

In the evening we came with gifts, cupcakes and cookies for the nurses and the boys decided to be British and have a tea party. Amaey had some tea too. It was beautiful to see him sit and sip tea and chat and smile. He wanted some of the stuffed animals from home so we brought along, freshly laundered, big dog, spotty and sir hoppy bun bunz joined in too.

The doctors came in singing at their rounds and the nurses came in in the evening and sang to him as well, that's when he got completely overwhelmed.

It was a beautiful day. His last single digit birthday, how special is that.


Mary Claire said...

On the day when you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true...YOU. You did it Amaey!
Have a beautiful birthday filled with fun and lots of love.

renata said...

hope it was a very good day... happy happy wishes for a happy 9th year!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amaey!! Hope you had a very good day! With lots of love & hugs!
Sunil & Renu