Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 15-16

The occupational therapist and physical therapists stoped by. One day they spent time playing darts and another day they played golf. They used cups and bowls as holes and hazards.

On day 16 he was really really low. I think he is getting bored now and with Arjun not around that's amplified. I was with him the whole day but could not get him to do anything. He also started complaining of headache and hip pain. The doctors explained that that was because of new marrow coming in. Which sounds wonderful but scary because his WBC is still 0.1.

Mona did not come with me because she had to pack for her camping trip to Olema. She was driving with a family to Gandhi camp to attend their picnic.

In the evening when Apurva and she came over she tried to get Amaey out of his funk but it did not work. Apurva and I did go for a long walk and that was nice.

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