Friday, August 05, 2011

Day 10

As I walked to his room I saw the doctors coming out with a big smile on thier faces. They said, he was awake and cheerful and they were happy to see that.

He was a little slow though maybe from all the excitement from his b'day. After his shower he just wanted to go back to bed. His occupational therapist and physical therapist stopped by by neither could get him out of bed. He wanted to read his new book. He got 8 books and he can't wait to read them all.

In the afternoon the massage therapist stopped by and Amaey enjoyed that. He needed platelets so they had to give him benadrly, that slowed him a bit. He slept but was very groggy. I set-up his new dart board and once we figured the electronic scoring and all, we had a great time with it. When the boys stopped by later, they played lots of games. The room was bustling with excitement.

Arjun and Akhil leave for Gandhi camp tomorrow, they are gone for 8 days. So there was a lot of hugging and silliness as they were leaving. We will have to find ways to entertain Amaey in the evening and fill his brother and cousins shoes.

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kat said...

Yeah, laughter and giggles have such new meaning for us. Glad to hear Amaey had a better day.