Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 27-28

Day 27
5 weeks since weve made the hospital our home.
Arjun came with Apurva and stayed at the hospital. Amaey woke up by 8:30 so he was really tired by the time I left. He was complaining of nausea and stomach pain. Apurva said that a warm pack and ome adavan made him take a peaceful nap. Arjun went to his friends room and they built lego Obi Wan's star fighter.
When I came back tp pick-up Arjun for his guitar lessons the room was a funny site, the boys were playing on the PS3 while the massage lady was working on amaey's legs. A contrast of calm and craze.
The doctors and GI doctors stopped by to talk about his procedure on the 29th. All of Amaey's numbers looked fine. His creatinine and bilirubin are slightly elevated but they are not worried about it. They stopped his vanco which means no benadryl which means a less groggy and sleepy child.
Apurva said they watched some tv St night which says Amaey can tolerate noise in the room.

Day 28
4 weeks since transplant. WBC is 1.5 and ANC is 500+ this is what Apurva wanted as his b'day gift. Happy birthday Apurva!
The docs are happy with the progress. If his ANC is above 500 for 3 consecutive days then the first day is considered the official day of engraftment.
Amaey asked for some broth today so we did a toast and sang happy b'day and all 4 of us had broth... yummy.
Right now Amaey is taking a nap, Arjun is reading ... Trying to complete his school reading before school starts on Monday. Wow who does this boy take after, I wonder:) I'm sure my sisters know the answer.
In the afternoon they tried to give Amaey the mist to inhale again and it was a disaster. He would choke every time they put the mask on him. I went and talked with the docs and we decided that they will try one more time with a diluted dose. 5pm they tried it again, Amaey really tried but just could not make it happen. He was in tears and really upset. The doctors finally decided to give the meds to him via the ivy tomorrow.

In the evening, Apurva came with nice dinner and he got a nice surprise visit from Raj who brought along delicious cupcakes and we had our very first visitor in the room. After a nice meal and some sparkling apple cider the boys left and now Amaey and I are settled down. He is catching up on reading and I might do the same.

Tomorrow is a big day, Amaey has his bone marrow test and GI test. The marrow test will tell us what percent of donor marrow he has and much more. The GI endoscopy will tell us if he has GVHD (graft versus host disease) because he keeps complaining of stomach pain and nausea, however he does not have any skin rash. We won't get results until Friday though.

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