Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 26

WBC at 1.2 and some show by ANC and he made some of his own platelets.

Couple days ago, Apurva and I decided we are not going to look at the numbers instead we will look at Amaey and decide how things are. Few days ago the nurse brought in the paper and I was going to garbage it but Amaey grabbed it from my hand and when he saw no numbers near his ANC he was really sad. It just was so not worth it. When the doctors came in I had them explain the whole process to Amaey, I think that helped him a bit.

What is good is Apurva is less stressed out. He would look at the numbers and worry about the .1 up or downward trend. I think he feels he has to analyze the numbers eventhough he knows nothing good comes out of it. I'm so glad he is more relaxed now.

Today, I brought Arjun with me. He had to finish school reading and writing in his journal regarding Hobit so we did not get to the hospital until 1pm. But since then the boys have been plenty busy. They watched Scooby-Do, played Lego Universe, Amaey rested for a bit and while he was resting Arjun went over and played with his friend next door. They built legos and played with the nerf gun.
When Amaey woke up Arjun came back and we played Doodle Dice, the boys played the Pirates theme song on their guitar and piano and now they are playing Swords and Soldiers on the PS3. I think Amaey will sleep well tonight.

When Apurva comes to pick-up Arjun I want to go for a walk, looks nice outside. It does feel nice to have both the boys together, feels so normal.

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