Monday, August 01, 2011

Day 6

A nice long bath is Amaey's favorite thing in the morning. So today when I came in he was in pain and looked like he had a low grade fever but the minute I mentioned a warm bath he was ready to wake up and start his day.

After his bath we sat by the big window and he sipped some tea but it was particularly hard today. The nurse came ot do his vitals and he had a fever. He stayed on the sofa and played on his computer for a bit and right now a massage therapist is massaging him. Amaey does not like massages.... seriously he does not like them. so to convince him to move to his bed took work. He gave her a hard time when she wanted to get started but I knew that if she was good she would win him over. And I think she is good because he has let her keep going. But he is too funny, he won't let her touch his head, no creme, no back. But she is so calm and gently working her way. I think he will take a nice long nap.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all Sonal

kat said...

Stay strong Amaey!

Mary Claire said...

I'm writing on Day 8 and have read that around day 10 things can start to get better. I am hoping and praying close now!
Yes, be strong Amaey, for the better days ahead.

Nicole said...

Lots of love to sweet Amaey