Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Day 8

Today was a different day. No fever overnight. After his shower he wanted to sit by the window. Can't drink anything yet but he did not need to use his pain pump much.
We started decorating his room. He was really excited about that. While he sat and played on the iPad, I put up little stuff here and there. He looked at it with a big smile. He could smile today and he wanted to talk. He called up his buddy and talked, though it was hard for him he wanted to keep going. The art therapist showed up with a project and Amaey happily worked on that. They had to read a book and then create the island from their imagination.
Just as he was getting ready for a nap after she left, we saw the occupatinal therapist coming into the room. I thought Amaey was going to shoo her off but he got out of bed and inspected the loot she had brought along. The ball she had was a bit heavy for him but the badminton seemed a lot of fun. Badminton in the room? She goes Yeah... big smiles.
Then he showed her his new nerf vortex and they did some target practise and then he was done. Happily done.
It was beautiful to see him smile and chat, two things he loves to do.

Arjun came with Apurva and then I went for a long walk around Stanford. When I came back the boys were in the midst of a PS3 battle.

Each day is so different. The way we look at it, each day that passes will bring his body closer to healing.

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