Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 29-30

Day 29
Amaey had his procedure today. It was supposed to be at noon, moved to one and they finally took him at 2:30. After the procedure Apurva called and said all went well. The GI team told him that the upper stomach area looked inflammed but otherwise all looked pretty good.
Amaey's Bone marrow results and MRD results will come on Friday. It was a slow day for him because of the procedure, he was really tired afterwards so Arjun and I did not go to the hospital in the evening. We did back-to-school stuff and checked that off my list.

Day 30
ANC 1500!!
This means that he engrafted on the 23rd. This means that his body accepted the donor marrow, officially. YEAH!!
His hemoglobin is low but they are going to wait and watch. The only thing that they are watching out for are his liver numbers because they are high. They stopped quite a few of his medicines today and he is officially off the strict step 1 diet. He also gets to be free of his big ivy pole for a few hours a day and he can wear his funky mask and walk to the nurses station. HUGE improvement.
Arjun has been trying to keep Amaey busy but Amaey is sad that we keep talking about food and what he needs to drink.
This afternoon, he had a headache which means he is symptomatic and now he definitely needs a blood transfusion. Unfortunately that will mess up his liver numbers lot more. He usually spikes a fever after a transfusion. I do hope it is an easier evening on him.

All of this apart, it is a huge improvement and the doctors are happy with the progress. 

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Renata said...

Loved reading the "YEAH!". Good luck with the results tomorrow.

I miss you and I hope we'll get a chance to see each other soon. My mom left last week, and things are getting settled with our new Kindergarten schedule (The Tabellion household is waking up at 7am for the first time in life!!). So hopefully everyone around here will stay away from colds and stomach bugs from now on and eventually I will feel 'safe' enough to lure you into joining Marcela and I for a girls night out. :)