Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 17

Morning was slow, really slow. After his usual shower he was really blah. His nose was bleeding because of low platelet count, he was bored, did not feel like doing a thing and missed Arjun... And then he started crying a bit. Apurva showed up just as all this was taking place. We tried to cheer him up but did not work. He went back to bed and watched a scooby doo show Apurva had just downloaded on iTunes.

In the afternoon I had some good R&R. Ate lunch, went for my haircut, went to TJ's and did groceries, cleaned the house, and left for the hospital, wow that felt like a normal day! Between Swati, Vicky, and Mona, I haven't done groceries in the last few weeks. Maybe run in for emergencies but a whole hour of walking around the store, looking at labels, smelling fresh flowers.... that was really nice. Hmmm, how can a mundane thing like grocery shopping feel so good?

When I went to the hospital, the boys were in for a real shock, I had been talking about cutting my hair real short, pre kids time. But wasn't sure if I was going to do it. I told Apurva I will see how I feel when I sit on that chair. Apurva was all for it... In fact he was like, just go do it... Do what makes you happy and even if the high lasts for 2hrs, do it. So when I walk in the room, Apurva loved it, Amaey on the other end.... would not acknowledge it, it was too different for him. BUT, he was smiling, sitting up by the big window and reading. What a huge shift from the morning. As soon as he completed his book we played UNO. Amaey won 2 games, I came second in 2, Apurva lost in 2 and then came the fun...Amaey and Apurva played swords and soldiers on PS3 and Apurva lost both times... We gave him such a hard time. Amaey being Amaey said, Pa... You need to go for a walk and redeem yourself. Ha, ha.

I left after Apurva came back from his walk. It was so nice to see Amaey happy. I don't know how he does it but I have told him that only he can make it happen, we can't make him change his mood or attitude unless he wants it changed. He is one tough cookie.

At night I got a text that Arjun had called and Amaey was tucked in bed with a big smile on his face.

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