Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 36

I have only been here 4hrs and it already feels like a long day.
Amaey seemed warm when I came in. He showered and when he felt a stomach pain brewing we went for a short walk. We noticed that his tubing had moved so we could not let him move around too much until it was fixed. He was feeling pretty miserable this whole time. Shivering and in pain. We got him a warm blanket and I sat on his bed holding him for a while.

Apurva wears the hat of a coach and tries to get Amaey to eat and drink. He got the hemp milk and started working diligently with Amaey. He has many tablets to take since they are trying to convert the ivy meds to oral. Apurva works like a master coach and makes sure Amaey takes all of these. He is usually not a very patient person but he somehow has immense patience when he is working with Amaey on his meds and food. I have to give it to him for that.
The volunteer from the hosptial school stopped by and we were really glad that Amaey was ok with her staying and working with her. He stayed in bed and the two of them did math.

Just then the docs came for rounds so we went out to talk with them. Some good news and some not. We can't go back home because they do need us to be close to the hospital. Once he spiked a fever we knew that would be the answer so we were prepared for that.
They got the engrafting results and he has almost 98% donor marrow!! this is wonderful news.
They do not know if Amaey's fever is because of GVHD, a GI infection, or meds. So we will have to go down the list and rule each one out one at a time. Which also means that he might or might not be discharged on Monday. However it's only Wednesday and they feel that if this is an infection then he will turn around by the weekend.

So now we start researching for apts close to the hospital. I will also go and take a tour of Ronald McDonald House tomorrow after I leave from here. Our goal is to be together as a family so if RM House absolutey cannot have us all there then we will have to work hard ot find a place to stay.

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