Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Day 7

Hard, hard, hard days, swallowing was particularly hard and his fevers kept going up. He stopped drinking completely and slept most of the day because of pain and fever. He needed blood and platelets and that always causes fevers for him too. Yesterday he could not speak either. His mouh was swollen and you could see pain on his face.

The only question he asked was when he would be able to drink water again. That's all he wants, a sip of water and he wants to enjoy it.

Arjun came on one of these days and Amaey was out of it, we had to leave in an hour and Arjun was really sad. He has taken the role of the jester, the entertainer and he always manages to make Amaey happy and I think he felt bad that he cold not make Amaey happy.

Well what goes up has to come down, we should see some change soon.

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