Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friendly gestures

This morning Gabriel called Amaey and played his Clarinet over the phone. How wonderful is that. Gabbu and Ezra made some movies to update Amaey about their chinchila, their cat, and things they have been doing. The fact that they cannot see each other has not really affected them. Christopher plays lego universe with him, sends him hand drawn mazes, Gabbu tries facetime but the connection is bad here so it does not work that well. Some of his friends have been texting him and others connect via email. Amaey is enjoying the whole texting business, I just had to upgrade our phones and add unlimmited texting for all of us.

Some of my friends have stopped by just to give me a hug... I get a call in the room and when I go out near the entrance it is such a sweet surprise to see a familiar face when you are least expecting it.

Love these news reports sent by the Moussa boys-

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