Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 25

What a completely different day. Amaey woke up so happy, big smile on his face. He was up, showered and sitting by the window when the docs came in for their rounds. They were surprised to see him awake and asking questions.

Amaey has downloaded Ninja on the ipad and he loves playing it. Got me addicted too. But the game that I spend most time on is Art Puzzles and the new game Arjun has downloaded, iSlash. Fun, fun. Well, Apurva came with Arjun at 11am and that was really fun for the boys. They played with their lego Heros and Lego Universe until Arjun had to leave for tabla. I got to take him to tabla and that was nice. I got to go for a nice walk and catch up with friends on the phone.

We went back to the hospital in the evening too. Apurva and I played Rummikub while the boys were playing their lego universe. Amaey was so happy and content when we left for the night.

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