Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 35

5 weeks since transplant. He had a better start. Drank some hemp milk and kept it down... no throwing up other then his usual morning wretching.
The doctors had an emergency so they did not come to the room until much later so I left for home.
Amaey had almost 650ml to drink and that was super. He needed a blood transfusion. The doctors took him off the sleepy nausea medicine and lowered his TPN. Amaey ate a few kernels of boiled corn!! But he also spiked a fever. They had to do cultures and start him on antibiotics.

When Arjun and I came over, he was settled and looking better. He did not have fever at that time. We had dinner and watched Oceans 12. Did not leave until much late. Amaey seemed pretty tired and we knew he would fall asleep.

However he spiked a fever at midnight and Apurva said he neededgot a potassioum infusion at 4. They have done the cultures so we will see if something grows.

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