Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 18 part 2

After his nap, Amaey wanted to be up and ready for his brothers. Also, after almost 10 days he had bowel movements... Huge deal! I'm telling you it's like having a new baby.

When the boys came in you should have been here to see and feel the love. Hugs and hugs and more hugs. Amaey loves Arjun's soft hair, Arjun loves Amaey's baldy taklu. Since it was raksha bandhan and the boys had received a few rakhdi's Mona tied raked to Apurva, Arjun, Amaey, and I tied it to Akhil. The boys played some Lego universe and as I was settling Amaey in his bed I could see him shivering. The shivering got worst so the family left. Amaey was feeling sick and you could see it. Even though everyone had showered and were wearing masks we were still worried about infections. They left right away. Amaey's shivering got worst. After a while when the nurse came to do his vitals he showed signs of a fever. He had to take one of his oral meds and he threw up. Oh god what is happening. I kept telling myself, let this be good. Let this mean only one thing that his WBC is actually coming in. Please let there be some gain from this pain.

We started watching knight rider but Amaey was feeling too tired so we turned in for the night. Amaey was really restless so the nurse got him a warm pack. From 9:30 to 11 he kept tossing and turning, he wanted to sleep but couldn't. So I sang, Gujarati lullabies, nursery rhymes, gayatri mantra... Everything that I could. Finally at 11:30 he was fast asleep. I couldn't wait for the morning 6am blood draw so that I could get the results. Finally i did and his WBC was .3 oh yes! Small move up but we haven't seen that number in a month... Hopefully it will keep going up.


kat said...

Much love Purvi to you and the family. Each morning is a new day forward. We have so much hope for Amaey and think of him and his journey every day.

Kat and John

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to all of you !! Amazing journey and amazing family. Your blog brings tears - at times tears of pain and other times tears of joy... Wishing and praying for all of you everyday.

--Renu & Sunil

Mary Claire said...

Oh Purvi, left comment when in Tahoe, but it didn't post. WBC...what a relief...I'll bet that number has gone up a lot more now! I'm just here hoping and praying all the time with you. Wanted to come visit, but we had caught something...all well now!
Love hearing about the best brothers!!!