Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 21

Three weeks since transplant and WBC is 0.4.

There is definitely movement in his body and the doctors and we were happy to see that. Amaey woke up peppy. He said, it's day 21 isn't it doesn't it mean I should start feeling better? I asked him do you feel better? and he started singing and dancing, it was super cute. He quickly brushed, showered and then we started to build his hex bug world.

Apurva came around that time so I left them. When I talked with him later he said that they built the entire hex bug town with its two floors and various twists and turns. His talking doctor stopped by and the massage therapist stopped by. Amaey did not nap instead read and watched some shows Apurva had downloaded on his iPad.

In the evening he was busy playing lego universe with Christopher. We called from home and then Arjun and Amaey spent a long time texting each other. Apurva and my phones look like they were abducted by emoticons...

At home Arjun and I went for a nice walk. Later he downloaded iSlash on my iPad and that is one addictive game, the two of us spent an hour playing that game it was so much fun. We completed our puzzle we have been working on and watched the Italian Job.

It felt nice to spend alone time with Arjun and to know that Amaey was feeling fine too.

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