Saturday, August 06, 2011

Day 11

Easy night but lazy morning... which is how a saturday should be.
Amaey's electrolytes are all whaky as they put it so they will be ine tuning all his meds and watching him very closely. His bilirubin is high and they don't like that but it is also caused by all the medications and electrolytes he is on. He also got a blood transfusion and that is a culprit too. Until day 21 his condition is considered critical. Until engraftment takes place and he starts making some counts.

The two blood types are constantly fighting inside his body too so with each blood transfusion they are hoping that the change will happen and then they won't have to worry about it. Right now he still gets his O+.

As one of our friends mom who is an oncologist in France put it, each day away from his transplant day brings him a step closer to a cure. It's a slow road to recovery and painful to watch him at times but it is hope nevertheless.

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Mary Claire said...

So now there are 9 days to engraftment, since it is Sunday. This change is incredible. I will keep praying that Amaey will soon be on an even keel.
One more hour and then day 8...counting down with you!