Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 18

This morning I came early because Apurva had to drive to Olema to pick up the rest of the family. Today the kids do a performance for the parents. Something they work on over the week. Arjun's camp director called to let us know that Arjun has been playing his tabla and charming everyone. They have an event at the India Community Center on Sunday and they wanted Arjun to come and play tabla for the show. We are so happy that he has been having a good time. He so deserves it.

When the doctors did their rounds after apurva left, we had one worrying question... Where is the WBC? It should have started showing up. But the doctors said we just have to be patient. It takes 21-28 days sometimes. They were hoping to start seeing some upward movement too by the weekend but they think that since his mucositis is completely healed the WBC might have gotten used for that. No explanation makes sense, just wait and watch seems the right thing to do. Each body is different and we are praying and hoping that slow and steady will win the race. He is otherwise looking good and for me, that is good enough at the moment. I will take that over all the fevers and pains he has just been through.

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