Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I had such a wonderful time with my sister and nephew. It was so peaceful and lovely to have them over. It felt warm to go home to a happy and cheerful house. I have to say that my mom has rubbed off on my sister because she has become an amazing cook. Maybe she always was... but she was whipping out all of her recipes like a pro. She was busy filling up my freezer.

The two of us had a chance to go for a massage one of the days and that was really relaxing. It was really cute to see her getting excited about camping. She went and spent couple days at Gandhi camp and she had to be impromptu and sleep in a tent. It was wonderfult o see her prepare for it.

I'm also glad we had a chance to out out for lunch. A strawberry mojito over lunch does sound like a celebration huh! We laughed and cried over lunch. We have grown so much over the years and yet felt like little teenagers sipping from the same glass.

She is one of those sisters that knows what I'm thinking even when I don't say anything. She can sense it in my voice, doesn't matter that she is all the way in London. I'm so grateful that she just dropped everything and came here to be with us.

Spending time with Akhil was good bonding for Arjun. The boys spent hours playing with nerf guns, chatting in their bunk beds, listening to music, watching silly youtube videos. The camp was icing on the cake. The two of them really enjoyed each day and all the community service hours they spent there.

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