Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 20

4 weeks since we have been in the hospital.

When I look around our room I can tell we have been here a while. It's grown, it's become Amaey. The little origami cranes are taking over and it looks beautiful. I came in late today. My sister needed to pack and I wanted to spend a little time with her. Akhil, Mona, and I went tot he hospital after lunch at 1:30pm. Apurva had told us that Amaey had an easy and restful night and had woken up happy by 9am. WBC at 0.2 but his Bilirubin was much lower. He needed a blood transfusion and other then that all looked good.

When we got to him he was getting ready for a nap. He did perk up when he saw his cousin and masi. They chatted for a while and caught up on akhil's camp experience. After they left Amaey felt really sad.

He sees all of us coming and going but he is constant here. Cannot leave the room, let alone walk out the door and see anyone other then those that enter his room. He brokedown and started crying, he misses home. He just wants to be home. He fell asleep though.

While he was sleeping, I stopped by to say hello to a friend who got admitted in the stem cell unit today. Their son will undergo a cord blood transfer next Wednesday.

After Amaey woke up he was still sad, because of Arjun's sniffles we can't let him come to the hospital so that has added to that. He was feeling nauseated and threw up and then after some meds settled down and started reading. I think it is going to be a somber night. I know he will get out of his funk but until then I know that it will be really quiet in the room. The trick is to get him to skype with Arjun... I'm sure that will do the trick.

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