Saturday, August 27, 2011


Amaey went out for his first (forced) walk. The docs would like him to walk a little everyday and be more vertical. He is only allowed to walk out to the nurses station but believe me, that is a lot for him at the moment. He has to wear a mask if he leave the room and also when they come to clean the room.

We had a long talk with the doctors and we all agreed that time and patience is what is needed now. His body is working non-stop in recreating cells and fixing what's broken. It might seem like he is just sleeping all day but his body is working hard. Also the side effects of radiation show up 4-6 weeks later and fatigue, nausea, pain, and sleepiness are common.

Yesterday Gabriel stopped by in the evening, Apurva said the boys chatted a bit but then Amaey felt nausea and intense pain and got morphine and lights were out.

This morning when I came with Arjun, Amaey was in the shower. Once he changed e didn't roll up in bed instead he looked chipper and played Lego Universe with Arjun and fooled around with the docs. After an hour he did slow down and after his short short walk he is taking a nap with a nice warm pack around his belly.

At 5pm Christopher and Maureen stopped by. Amaey had a little tummy ache so he was a bit slow and christopher and he chatted for awhile, then they moved on to Lego universe and PS3. Amaey was free of his ivy for the first time today and went out and walked with his buddy. After they left Amaey took a power nap and later we watched Star Wars and then called it a night.

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