Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 19

No WBC did not go up and they had warned us about that. They said it will work in spurts with some down and and some upward movement along with some not fun days involved in the mix.
His day was very simple. Since it was Sunday there were no hospital activites. I spent the afternoon with my sister, shopping and finishing up last minute things with her. In the evening she and I went to see Amaey. We decided to leave the older boys at home because they still had the sniffles and we could not take any chances.

Amaey was in a great mood when we got there. We played a few rounds of Uno and he won all of them... except the last round, Apurva won that and ther was a huge song and dance. It was too cute. He got a little tired so we decided to leave after Apurva had his dinner and Amaey had a shower and we tucked him in bed with his book.

He is really enjoying the Rangers Apprentice series, How to Train a Dragon series, The Secret Zoo,  The search for Wondla. 

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