Friday, August 12, 2011


Arjun is away at camp and Amaey is really missing him now.

Previously, while we were planning Amaey's transplant stay we had decided that Arjun would not come to the hospital in the first 2weeks... What were we thinking? That visit after his nap time is Amaey's drug. He looks forward to the wild and unexpected. I'm so glad that we got to our senses and saw what Amaey needed most and involved Arjun throughout the process.

Arjun has been calling the hospital at night to say hi to Amaey, and it brings a big warm smile in Amaey's heart. Last night he called and apologized for not being able to call the last two days. He asked Amaey about the new Lego universe download and Amaey just could not be stopped, he wanted to give all the details to Arjun but it was really noisy on Arjun's side so he asked to have a longer conversation on his return.

After 2 mins of his call I got a call from his camp and the person who is in charge asked me if Amaey was feeling much better? He said Arjun was so happy after talking with his brother, he said his brother sounded so much better, he sounded so himself again... I never know what these little minds are capable of thinking, what they keep inside them, and how little moments shape them. Apurva and I are passive onlookers to this special relationship. We cannot partake in their goings about be we can revel in their happiness.

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Renata said...

brothers... yes! :)